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Public Relations

Some people like to say the easy part is writing the book. Well, maybe they've never written a book. We will say this: Gaining exposure for your newly-created masterpiece is where our efforts come in. Our mission is to increase exposure for your book. We understand working with the media.

Social Media

A key component to spreading the word about your book is making critical connections via social media. We want to ensure your voice, your words are heard and read.

Media Book Reviews

You need authentic sources to vouch for your book. You, as the main source, are important. Of that there is no doubt. However, people appreciate second and third impartial opinions.


We'll work with a variety of media outlets to get you the exposure you need to put your book in front of receptive audiences. Even being featured on blogs and podcasts can increase your audience reach.

Amazon Book Reviews

Readers read reviews. We will work with you on strategies to garner as many reviews as possible. We want to grow your Amazon presence to generate greater exposure on the website which could lead to increased sales.

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