Rundquist Artist Reception, Sale Set for Oct. 24 at Blue Cow Café in Big Rapids


BIG RAPIDS, Michigan – Creating unique works of art is more than Tom Rundquist’s lifelong labor of love. It’s in his blood. Art is a longstanding family tradition. Rundquist, whose work has been featured at Artworks, in Big Rapids, will showcase some of his expressionist art creations at a reception and sale Thursday, Oct. 24 from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Blue Cow Café, in downtown Big Rapids.

“I am so excited about this opportunity to have my art featured in this public sale at The Blue Cow Café,” said Rundquist, who noted that a portion of sales proceeds will go to Artworks and Ferris State University’s Kendall College of Art and Design. “It has been great to work with staff at The Blue Cow Café, the art community in the Big Rapids area, and beyond, to have an event like this to showcase my artwork to a knowledgeable community that recognizes and appreciate art.”

Costumes are optional for reception and sale. However, three prizes will be awarded for the best costume. Suggestions for costumes include Russian Czar Nicholas II, Princess Diana, Trump, Major Tom and Casper the Ghost. Other options are welcome.

Rundquist, 74, is a Big Rapids native and graduate of Big Rapids High School, a member of the Class of 1963. He attended Ferris, Eastern Michigan and Stanford Graduate School of Business Top Executive Program.

Since 1981, Rundquist has been the owner and chief executive officer of Nova Media Inc., a publisher of art and writings related to social issues, and Nova Counseling Associates Inc. In Google, type “TR Thomas Rundquist Artist Writer” for more information.

“My artwork has been listed in Anthology of the Foundation forthe Advancement of Art, in 1980, as a ‘Young and Promising Artist.’ Only two artists were included from Michigan,” he said. “My art has been selected to be on Art Communications International Juried CD-ROM. Of 10,000 applicants, only 323 artists were selected by a prestigious jury of art critics, and New York City gallery owners.”

Rundquist was selected as one of the “2000 Outstanding Artists and Designers of the 20th Century Worldwide.” Kundalini, one of his popular prints, was selected for “Art Business News” and won a Michigan statewide competition. He was further listed in “Anthology of the Foundation for the Advancement of Art,” in 1980, as a “Young and Promising Artist.” Rundquist was one of only two artists included from Michigan.

Beyond his artwork, Rundquist is an author of numerous publications, including the Racial Attitude Test, Horse is Boss (Drug Culture Monopoly), featured in the Detroit News and Grand Rapids Press, and others. See,, and 

Rundquist’s art has been featured in shows or museums in Big Rapids, at Artworks and the Ferris State University Fine Art Gallery; in Grand Rapids, at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts; Detroit, Florida, New Orleans and the Raymond Duncan Gallery in Paris, France where he earned a bronze award in a juried contest. He has had entries in the popular ArtPrize event, in Grand Rapids, from 2010-16.

“The passions and inner conflicts of creative artists are revealed in the studies of their lives and works,” Rundquist said. “They are the same passions and conflicts with which we all struggle. Pain and turmoil do not always result in disability and disease but can lead to that triumph of the human spirit we call creativity.”

To learn more, visit Nova Media Inc.


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