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TABS (Tracking Appropriate Behaviors)

TABs, or Tracking Appropriate Behaviors, is cutting-edge, web-based software specifically designed to assist schools by centralizing and streamlining student management issues. TABs is an all-inclusive, behavior-tracking system that includes many innovative components. The system was specifically designed by experienced teachers through extensive consultation with knowledgeable administrators. 


SG3 Communications Client Profile

Pristine Acres Farm


Pristine Acres Farm is a small family farm of 20 acres in rural Missaukee County, Michigan. It’s lush pastures are home to grazing chickens searching for bugs and scratching in the dirt, resulting in healthy eggs that are high in Omega-3s.

At Pristine Acres Farm, we are committed to raise our animals in a sustainable way without the use of chemicals, antibiotics, animal byproducts, synthetic products or genetically-modified organisms. Instead, they have access to fresh air and sunshine, free choice sea kelp, and other natural minerals. In the winter, the chickens are in loose housing where half of the barn is sand, where they can dust bathe and scratch in the dirt, and the other half is bedding pack that creates heat to warm the building. All the grain they get is non-GMO.


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